Crystal City Lights is Finally Here

On April 15, I got to hold my book in my hands for the first time. It’s taken over five years to write, edit, re-write, and publish Crystal City Lights! Keep this in mind if you think you’d like to be a writer when you grow up.  It may take a long time for your ideas to grow into that book you have in mind. Just don’t give up!

Here are some pictures of the third, fourth, and fifth graders from Coweta County who didn’t give up! They wrote, edited, and typed their great American hero stories, and now they’re published authors!

You can click on the book to find out more about it!

Here are the authors! (Except for Yates…he had a baseball tournament!)

This picture was taken at the book launch party for Crystal City Lights. The Great American Heroes authors signed books for all their fans. We sold out of  books in 20 minutes! Yes, if you were late for the party, you missed your chance! (Although you can click on the picture to order a copy of the book!)


Here are more pictures from the party. I hope you enjoy them!

That’s me, ready to sign lots of books!

Even though there were tornadoes nearby, lots of people came to help us celebrate!

We had authentic 1943 toys for the kids to play with. Silly Putty was the most popular!

Here’s a picture of the young authors signing their book for a fan!

Popular foods of the 1940′s were served. Corn dogs anyone?

Pictured here are some of the items I bring with me when I do a school presentation. Did you know the first Batman movie came out in 1943?

More food! It was great! Wish you could have been here!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Your parents can order a copy of Crystal City Lights by going to Blue Marlin Publications, or just click on the book cover above.

Have a great week!