Ten Days to Go!

The deadline for your stories is quickly approaching! Just 10 days to go!


Are you wondering if you’re writing is good? I found this little checklist on-line at the Education Portal. How does your story measure up?

Want to know if you’re writing is ‘good?’ Here’s a quick checklist for when you edit. If you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these, you’re going to do fine.

  1. All of my ideas are interesting and worth talking about.
  2. My examples are specific, and none of them are distracting. (All my sentences support my topic.)
  3. It is clear to the reader what the purpose of my writing is, and they can follow the purpose from beginning to end.
  4. My writing is well-organized and doesn’t take random detours.
  5. My writing has an identifiable voice that doesn’t change.
  6. The work is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Now, you might be wondering what those blue words in #5 mean. What in the world is an identifiable voice?

No, no, no! Not THAT kind of voice!

Click here to watch a video all about developing your WRITER’S voice!

In conclusion, you must have a conclusion! It’s the last paragraph and it’s really important, like the icing on the cake or the cherry on top! Click here to learn about writing a concluding paragraph. Remember, I must receive your story by March 29, 2013. (Check out my last post for the other requirements.) I’m looking forward to publishing YOUR story in my book!