From the Heart

It’s the time of year when you see red and pink hearts everywhere! In the grocery store, in the drug store, and in the card shops, pink and red are definitely the colors of the season. If you walk by a florist’s shop, you’ll see lots of red roses and heart-shaped balloons. So, what’s going on? Why, February 14th is almost here, and that means:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a little article all about the history of Valentine’s Day. Pretty interesting! Read to find out why we celebrate this day! Click on the calendar to visit the site.

When I was in elementary school (several decades ago), we didn’t sign the back of the cards we gave out. Instead, we hid our names in the picture on the front, making our friends really search for the identity of the person who gave the card. And, we didn’t use white paper bags to collect the cards on Valentine’s Day. Instead, we made Valentine boxes out of shoe boxes covered with white paper, hearts, fabric trim, and anything else we could find. Each class had a contest for the best design. The winner usually won a small box of candy like Conversation Hearts.

Have you ever wondered how people got started sending Valentine cards? In the USA, it started in a little town in Massachusetts by a woman named…well, see if you can find out! Click on the Valentine cards!

One of my favorite Valentine candies is Hershey kisses, but until I read this article didn’t know where the name “kisses” name came from. Here are three choices:

a. The little shape reminded people of lips puckered up for a kiss.

b. The machine that forms the candy makes a noise like a kiss.

c. Children at the Hershey School in Hershey, PA created the name.

Think you know? Click on the kiss to find out!


Here are some interesting statistics about Valentine’s Day. For example, how much do you think the average person spends on presents for the day? What is the most popular gift given on Valentine’s Day? Click on the roses to find out!

When I was a teacher, I enjoyed getting Valentine cards from my students, especially if they made them. Here’s a chance for you to make one for your favorite teacher!

The next site will help you make an email card for your teacher. Click on the picture below. Follow the directions at the site to make a Valentine postcard. You can write something sweet or something funny; it’s up to you! Email the card to the teacher of your choice and wait for the response. They’re going to love it!

Now, here’s a fun Valentine’s Day activity I think you’ll like. Click on the picture to play a game. I got to level three the first time I played. Think you can beat that? We’ll see!

I want to end this post with a quote from one of my heroes, Helen Keller. Click on her picture to learn about her amazing life.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.
-Helen Keller

Have a wonderful day!