It’s All Write!

In January, teachers start thinking about those state writing tests you’ll be taking pretty soon. You may notice your teacher getting a little nervous when you forget to add punctuation to your sentences. Forget to capitalize the first letter of a proper noun? You may find yourself doing an entire page out of that dusty old language book just so your teacher knows you won’t make that mistake again!  Is she banging her head on the classroom wall? Well, somebody must have used their, they’re, and there incorrectly AGAIN! By the way, look what I got for Christmas!

(If you don’t understand my new shirt, you need to click on the picture. You’ll go to a site that will help you figure out how to use the words correctly.)

So, I thought it might be helpful (and maybe even FUN!) to give you a little writing practice this week. Let’s start with a review of the four types of writing. Unscramble the letters and match the word to its meaning.

SIXTYPORER         SUPEREVISA             TRIPESCIVED         ANATRIVE                

  • This type of writing creates a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing.
  • This type of writing includes just the facts!
  • This type of writing gives your opinion and tries to make the reader see things your way!
  • This type of writing tells a story!

Click here to see if you’re right!

Now it’s time to write your own story! (I promise you’ll love this site! It really is FUN!) Click on the image below. (The site has absolutely nothing to do with pirates. It just feels like a pirate kind of day!)

Write a really great story and ask your teacher if you can print it out. Create a picture to go with it!


Don’t forget to find something terrific to read! What’s the best book you’ve read lately? Write your answer in the comment section below!

Have a great week!