So There I Was…

“Let’s do this!”

As I visit schools and talk with students, I’ve  noticed a trend: lots and lots of kids want to know how they can get their stories published! If you’re one of those students, this blog is for YOU!

I found this terrific website, “Adventure Write”. The site is hosting a creative writing contest for kids under the age of 19. Here are the prizes:

1. Publication on!

2. $50 cash!

3. Certificate of Achievement!

You can go to the website to learn more about the contest, but here are the basics:

  • Your story must be less than 1500 words.
  • Your story must be submitted by December 31, 2012.
  • Your story must be edited. It will be judged on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

The first sentence of your story must start with:  So there I was…

Get started by clicking on the computer. It will link you to the site’s tutorial. Follow the directions to write a story.

Click here for the tutorial.

Next, I’ve added a graphic organizer to remind you of the elements of a short story and to help you get your ideas organized.   Click here: So there I was…

Now, let’s talk about content. The creators of the contest are very particular about what they will OR will not print. One of the suggestions says:

Stories must be tasteful and contain more mystery or suspense than gore.  Think Twilight Zone, Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock.

In other words, your story must be rated G or PG, no PG-13 or R! Don’t rely on bloody vampire battles, gory head-eating monsters, or vomit-spewing aliens. They want you to be creative and imaginative without all the gross stuff. And, they’d like for your story to teach a lesson about life. Whew, they’re really going to make you earn that $50!

Click on the poster to read the 2011 winning entry! Read the story carefully so you have a better understanding of what the judges want to read in a winning story. (In case you didn’t notice, the author is ten years old. See! You can do this!)

A leftover from last week’s blog! Click here to see Ethan’s winning story.

Your story must be submitted by December 31, 2012! If you want your teacher to help you edit, you need to get crackin’ (yes, I said,’crackin’) because Christmas break is write around the corner! Please note: The rules say that you may have help typing your story, but they must type what YOU’VE written! 

Next, click on the link below for the  entry form.

Guess I better get ‘crackin’!

Mail your entry to

Adventure Write Story Contest P.O. Box 872241 Wasilla AK 99687

Or, email it to this address: [email protected]

Good Luck!!! I hope to see lots of winners!

Teachers, I’ve included a link to a blog I submitted this week. If you have time (HA!), read it and leave me some comments. Did I forget to mention anything? Do you have pet peeves about author visits? Tell me so I can get the word out there!

Math Teachers: This is for you! I found this neat game for teaching GCF and LCM. I think your kids will like it! (But the music will probably make you nuts.)

And, finally, a big thank you to all the media specialists out there who work so hard to make learning an adventure!